Who I am.

I live in Portland Oregon and my passion is to help great companies become even better.  If you have a great product, service or concept and need help making your vision a reality than I would love the opportunity to help.  Whether your an established company that needs to generate more revenue or a start up that needs planning and implementation I will help.

Whether you need guidance when it comes to digital marketing, social media advertising or anything related to building your brand I am here to help.

My education is in strategic communication and psychology which has helped me in my professional endeavors.  As a business owner and professional consultant.   Any difficult situations I have run across I simply do the best I can to the best of my abilities to accomplish to goal or task. Keeping focus on what matters and delivering measurable results to directly positively impact your bottom line.  If you want to continue to grow your business give me a call to set up a consultation to find out how I can best serve your business.


Next Steps...

Achieve the brand image and visibility that you deserve.  To begin creating a strategic plan designed for your brands needs contact me today.